Novus Deus

from by Koralis



We cross and re-cross our tracks loathing ourselves.
Rippling through, reality. 
We’re the sentient desolant, bio solution. 

To these so called gods, all our hopes died with you. 
Is it beyond our reach? This mystery. 

This world spins from the same unseen forces that they control. 
We have to accept we can’t play god. 

The nature of our immortal lives are the consiquences of their words. 
Our lives are not our own; from womb to tomb.
We are bound past and present to the essence of the engineers. 

Proclaim the majesty and supremacy you up hold. 
A spectra biological never ending frenzy.
Reverberating the neuro walkways of our minds. 
Reformulating the galaxies that fuel our thoughts.
Naive creators posing as our gods. 

We’re revolved around our own selfish need for greed. 
We’re resulting into nothing.
Their hiding our innermost meaning for existing. 

Built upon this uneven foundation; all hail the engineers. 

The problem is, we won’t admit that we were wrong most of the time. 
We keep in line, if we were wise. 
Chronological cattle in disguise. 

Redefine terror as you initialise fear. 
Fuel the lifeless, soulless war machine; all hail the engineers.                         
Sat upon your technocratic throne.
Darkness emerges from the kingdoms that you used to rule. 
We can’t trust what they say.
They only want our blood; they only wanted pain.  

We’re falling into eternity questioning our self awareness. 
Like we’re at a lower state of conciseness. 
What are your intentions with the rest of us?

Dance, deploy. Destroy the world in the name of your majesty. 
Conform the unknown, bestow your power. 
Whilst you farm our seas. 


from Surviving The Ideal, released December 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Koralis Glasgow, UK

A 5 piece Tech Metal band based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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