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Is this real life or make believe?
Constrained by a never-ending plurality. 
Keep searching in fear of a non-existent entity.
What makes you think I owe you anything?
You're the reason I'm still drifting!

And everything as we know it will turn up side down
We're not built for this...

And still we refuse to see ourselves for what we really are. 
We've been at this for far to long. 
Fools. You've turned! 
Into mindless, misguided, activists of suppression. 
We won't be rescued. 
We're all guided by insurgence (keep searching).
It's never-ending; we're all drifting.
And yet you never said that things would end up this way. 
A silent platform pushing and pulling to never be persuaded in the end. 
And now we're losing our minds.
We are all falling behind.

There's only so much bullshit humanity can take. 
We're clawing back to fix your mistakes. 
We're all trapped in disbelief. only after one thing. 
Ignore the controversy and lie. Lie in defeat.
Wear the hypocrisy with pride (with pride).
Suffocated into a docile reality so sick of this mutant existence. 
Lacerated each decision you make. 
Choices, your own mistakes.

Full of voices. Thousands of voices tied into one.
One voice different whispering from a distance. 
Spying from the dark.
Ain't no blade can protect you, from the truth.
Ain't no blade can protect you.
The bridge is broken. 
We don't belong. 
Our hands are bleeding,
But we won't let go.


from Surviving The Ideal, released December 18, 2014



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Koralis Glasgow, UK

A 5 piece Tech Metal band based in Glasgow, Scotland.

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